Frequently asked questions

​​​PG Carpentry Ltd

How big can I have my lodge?
You can have them as big as you like however, if to comply with caravan regulations then the maximum external measurement is 20m x 6.8m

What external finishes can I have?
Most things are possible, most popular finishes but not limited to are timber (Matchboard, Thermowood), PVC and fibre cement board. PVC and fibre cement board offer little to no maintenance 

Do you have a showroom we can visit?
Unfortunately, due to the size of these products, we don't. We do however have products dotted around the UK where we can arrange site visits

Why can't I get a cost without having an idea of what size I would like?

All of our lodges are bespoke. Until we know what size you are looking for and room layout we are unable to give you an accurate quote. Once we have an idea of layout (can be changed at a later date) we can start the ball rolling. You can send us a rough sketch and we can help from there, alternatively you can view some of our example layouts for inspiration

What packages do you offer?

Supply only  - Design and Engineering / Base / Base Insulation / External Walls / Internal Walls / Roof Trusses or Rafters / Membrane
Watertight    - Supply only package plus; Roof Cover / Rainwater System / Windows & Doors
Turnkey       - We manage the project from start to finish. Full supply and fit leaving the lodge ready for decoration 
Please note for supply only we wouldn't supply a warranty

Do I need planning permission? 

If you are wanting your lodge to comply with caravan laws, then you must be certain that it does. The laws are very complicated however, to break it down there are some initial simple checks to carry out

The lodge must be positioned within the curtilage of the main house
It should be an extension of the existing dwelling and share services such as water and electric. It should not be used as a separate dwelling
This is again a complicated part of the law. It should be assembled on site in no more than two parts and then bolted together as a final act of assembly to make the whole
The Lodge must not exceed 20m (66’0”) x 6.8m (22’4”) and the internal floor to ceiling height must not exceed 3.050m (10’0”). Roof overhangs (within reason) are not included in this calculation and decking, or verandas can be installed if they are not attached to the Caravan/Lodge unit. The law requires that the Caravan or Mobile Home unit is capable of being lifted onto a trailer completed unit and moved by mechanical means to another place. The emphasis is on the word ‘capable’ as this test is hypothetical and you don’t have to do it – just prove it is possible to lift it without damage using mechanical means. We achieve this by producing structural calculations undertaken by our chartered structural engineer and a written philosophy will confirm the foregoing
Ability to move
​The law requires that the Caravan or Mobile Home unit is capable of being lifted onto a trailer / other form of transport as a whole completed unit and moved by mechanical means to another place. The emphasis is on the word ‘capable’, you don’t have to do it, just prove it is possible to lift it without damage using mechanical means. We can achieve this by producing structural calculations and a written method statement from a qualified lifting company 

What can i do to ensure my lodge complies without applying for planning permission?
We can supply details for a planning officer we use who is very knowledgeable in this area. You could also consider applying for an LDC ‘Lawful Development Certificate’ 

It is not mandatory to have an LDC but there may be times when you need one to confirm that the use is lawful for planning control purposes and of course if you decide to sell you main home the buyers solicitor would almost certainly want proof that a Caravan, Log Cabin or Mobile Home is not going to be subject to enforcement proceedings

Once you have your LDC, no action can be taken by the council unless you breach any of the terms under which it was granted

We can help support you with this process but please remember that it is your responsibility to prove to the planning office that your Mobile Home, Static Caravan or Log Cabin will comply with the conditions laid out in the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 and The Caravan Site Act of 1968

Despite the law being clear, some planning authorities may still refuse your application if you have not presented the information correctly. You have a right of appeal but to avoid this time consuming and stressful route, let us help

Do i get a warranty?
If PG install your lodge it will come with a 10-year structural warranty. You will also get certificates for electrics and anything gas related that we install

Can you use the lodges all year round?
Yes, the lodges are well insulated for all year-round use. You can also add heating options to them such as log burners or radiators 

Lead time
This changes week to week based on our order book. For lodges, we try to be on site within 8 weeks, this can sometimes be sooner or equally longer. For garden pods this could be a couple of weeks. Get in touch for an accurate lead time

How long will my lodge last?
This is a difficult question to answer as there are so many external variables. With a well looked after and maintained lodge it can’t last decades and even generations

How will my lodge be delivered?
Your lodge will be delivered to site in panel form and assembled on site in two halves. This also allows us to overcome any access challenges

Can I do some of the work myself?

Yes, you can. We can do as much of the project as you wish. When carrying out your own works it’s important that you can hit the schedule we supply before arriving on site. This will avoid any additional costs due to delays / push backs in the timelines 

Do i have to have one of your layouts?
All our lodges are bespoke so you can design your own layout if you wish. We can also help supply some for inspiration if required

Will i need a site visit?
They are not compulsory but very beneficial. It allows us to carry out the necessary checks to ensure we can supply your required product without any unknown challenges

Do you supply bathrooms and kitchens?

Yes, we can supply these

Can i have vaulted ceilings?

Yes you can, please just make us aware that you would like us to include this in the design

Do you do groundworks?

Yes, we do